Friday, December 30, 2016

No, Monkey Has Not Been "Banned In Seattle"

Do not be discouraged by the notice on Amazon the last few weeks that print copies of The Hot Monkey Love Trial are “Temporarily Out of Stock.” No, it does not mean that copies have been seized and impounded due to violations of obscenity and public decency laws in Seattle or anywhere else. I say that knowing that if it were true, sales would blow through the roof if the story were true. I’m told by the publisher that it has to do with yet another inscrutable Amazon algorithm. Even though Amazon may have run out at one point, new copies have always been in its supply and they ship when ordered. But the algorithm stubbornly refuses to take down the notice. Be assured, there’s a troop of Monkey commandos at the ready. And of course copies are always available in ebook.

Stay tuned for more to report after the first of the year. Happy New Year, everyone!

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