Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hot Monkey Released!

It was supposed to be just a literary experiment carefully controlled by responsible, sensible people in white lab coats, armed with clipboards, but who drink way too much coffee and get way too little sleep. No surprise  what happened. As if life is an eye-rolling B move, homo sapiens are wont to leave cages open. Now...
The Hot Monkey has been released!

It all happened so fast. According to rogue literary scientists at Water Street Press, it occurred at a party on Sunday, November 20, an event intended to merely simulate the release of Hot Monkey, purely for research to prevent an epidemic of madness. But it quickly got out of control. And there weren't just cages left unsecure; boxes of books, swinging doors, and champagne bottles were left wide open.

 Both the Center for Disease Control and the Department of Homeland Security are now involved. A spokesperson for the CDC, Beau Nobo, warned: "It only takes one copy of The Hot Monkey Love Trial to be disseminated on an unwary public. They are prone to quickly propagate in ebook and print copies largely due to the fact that Hot Monkeys really like to... well, you know."